June 2015

Bears have good memories.  Since they raided the bird seed in late April, they returned only to tear down the hummingbirds feeders a few days ago.  Oh no.  Yes, there are many flowers for the hummingbirds here, including the fabulous orange honeysuckle in full blossom, but I miss them just outside my window.  I miss hummingbird highway in the back yonder as they flit from feeder to flower.  Someone suggested I try putting out the feeders during the day and taking them in at night.  I will try it, but just put in a little liquid nectar daily since the feeders kinda leak when you move them. Always a challenge and there is nothing that is easy.

This morning, June 11th,  on my walkabout through my gardens, I encountered a very handsome toad whose skin would have looked awesome on a cowgirl boot, but we just said hello and I walked on by. On the other side of this one circular garden was a relatively young garden snake, about two feet long.  Good morning.

The friendly black and white dragonfly who had hung out with me yesterday and allowed me to photograph her, stopped by to say hello.

Eastern tiger swallowtails indulging on the late blooming lilacs then flying high among the tree tops grace the property every day.

Little spring azures, a few sooty wings, many skippers and an early hairstreak butterfly have made their appearances, gracing my gardens.  A black swallowtail or a spicebush swallowtail (it’s hard to tell the difference) was nectaring on the marigolds that outline the butterfly goddess garden.  It went up and down the line of marigolds for at least the ten minutes I was watching.

Wasps are making their nests everywhere and many types of bees are buzzing around.

The Japanese dogwood blooms intensely every other year.  This is the year.  Oh my, it is glorious as it unfurls  its hundreds of creamy white flowers.  Sitting on the studio porch the other day I noticed that it is truly in the shape of a huge butterfly taking flight.  Really.


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