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Butterfly and Other Links

Catskill Native Nursery, a wonderful source for native plants in the Catskill/Hudson Valley region, with a wide variety of plants for attracting butterflies.

www.karinalisahouben.com Karin Alisa Houben creates absolutely incredibly beautiful hand-beaded butterfly pendants and pins. Each unique creation is based on a different species of moth or butterfly. Truly exquisite.

www.journeynorth.org Journey North, an educational leader in the global study of wildlife migration, including the tracking of the monarch migration. Journey North helped create MRF’s and La Cruz Project’s International Children’s Forest in the monarch bio-reserve in Mexico. Listen to story teller/author Maraleen Manos-Jones sharing the story of Caterpillar Dreaming Butterfly, www.learner.org/north/tm/monarch/CaterpillarDreamStory MMJ RW.html

Friends of the monarchs is headquartered in Pacific Grove, California, U.S.A. Their goals are to protect and preserve the monarch butterfly and its habitat by increasing involvement in restoration and preservation of their habitats in and around Pacific Grove and throughout the world.

monarchwatch.org an organization dedicated to education, conservation and research

Contemporary artist, Melissa Harris, whose paintings are inspired by butterfly dreams, also offers a selection of posters, prints, cards and magnets. Visit her website for a visual treat: http://www.melissaharris.com/product-tag/butterfly-painting

ENDANGERED BUTTERFLIES website– Runs illustrated features and news concerning endangered butterflies worldwide. Moderated by Dr. Kurt Johnson, lepidopterist and author of Nabokov’s Blues (1999)– Nabokov’s endangered Karner Blue Butterfly and the Monarch Butterfly are two of the banner butterflies at the site.

The Butterfly Place- A live butterfly exhibit and educational center in Branson, Missouri, with a branch in Westford, Massachusetts. A family-owned business with butterfly photo galleries and gift shops. They propagate about 50 species of butterflies in their flower-laden atriums.

Juliebaer.com Julie is an artist, author and illustrator of children’s books. Her painting Great Meadows and Butterflies is hanging at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, bringing great cheer to patients and staff.

morethanmonarchs.org was created to raise awareness about the devastating impact of illegal logging on the environment and local communities in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Central Mexico. This website provides a platform for villagers, community leaders, government officials, and other interested parties to collaborate on key issues, challenges and solutions. It will capture the stories and accounts of those experiencing the loss of their livelihoods, their forests and the most coveted inhabitant, the monarch butterfly. The goal of this forum is to bridge the gap in communication between the people of this region and the Mexican government and end the needless destruction of these precious resources.

butterflyrick.com Butterfly Rick, also known as the Butterfly Man, is owner and operator of Hole-In-Hand Butterfly Farm in Pennsylvania. He is an educator and avid butterfly enthusiast and gardener. He is President of the International Butterfly Breeders Association and Vice President of Education for the Canadian Butterfly Breeders and Exhibitors Association.

butterflywebsite.com has all manner of butterfly information, from live exhibits to gift items.