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Beautiful Month of May 2016: Challenges and Remedies

The Beautiful and Challenging Month of May 2016 The days are cool enough to work hard in the garden, cleaning, hauling, amending with compost and mature cow manure, and shoveling mulch wheel barrel by barrel from the 3 cubic foot … Continue reading

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Early Wineberry Volunteer

There are always gifts in my garden, wineberry being one of them. It just appeared a few years ago. This is another instance of amazing spring rebirth – the leaves appear out of seemingly dead branches and those dead branches … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Gardens are alive with color, fragrance and the flight of many butterflies.

The gardens have already been through so many beautiful stages and are now about to burst open in many vibrant colors.  The hundreds of milkweed flowers  in my meadows are ready to open.  The fragrance is so sweet what butterfly … Continue reading

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