The Merry & Dry Month of May 2015

Roots are deep for the trees and perennials since they are all flourishing in various shades and textures of green and many flowering even though it has hardly rained at all this May.

On May 10th our views of the surrounding mountains disappeared till late next autumn.

The white viburnum tree is glorious, the azaleas are fading as are the pink and white bleeding hearts, but the columbines are opening and the wild phlox perfumes the air.

Usually, the hummingbirds return  between May 2nd and May 9th.  This year they returned on May 5th, the first scout demanding food upon his arrival.  Luckily, I made a batch of nectar the night before in anticipation, and it was just in time.

Last week I was working in the gardens near a large white pine tree.  I was fortunate enough to witness a chickadee courtship dance.  The male spread his tail feathers impressively, tweeting and dancing in front of a coy acting female who flitted from branch to branch enticing her suitor to follow.  He obliged.  And then they continued their dance among the many trees.

Two little painted ladies were acourting as they nectared on the flowering marigolds this morning.  I also saw a few Eastern tiger swallowtails, some spring azures, a Mourning cloak and a little Sooty wing.  And the symphony of birds completed the tableau when sitting with my morning cappuchinno  on the chair my husband Steve built by the stream at the edge of the woods.



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